Film Block One-der Woman

Shorts / 90 mins


Film Block One-der Woman

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  1. sandals


    Shorts / 2013 / 4 mins
    Remember that perfect girl from High School? What if she was dating a guy who looked just like you... but you were wearing sandals?

  2. our_urban_wilderness

    Our Urban Wilderness

    Shorts / 2012 / 24 mins
    OUR URBAN WILDERNESS tells the story of a true national icon - the North American shopping cart. From pre-history to present day, this film follows the continuing saga of these noble creatures struggle for survival in a changing world.

  3. everytechcommercial1600x1200

    Every Tech Commercial

    Shorts / 2013 / 1 mins
    Technology commercials need an upgrade.

  4. Best Comedy Shortie-Short Winner: "The Birth of the Moon", Directed by Dustin Hahn

    The Birth of the Moon

    Shorts / 2013 / 2 mins
    This animated Native American creation myth tells the story of how the Moon came to be.

  5. Bingo Night

    Shorts / 2014 / 14 mins
    A financially-strapped senior citizen finds a creative (and legally dubious) means of getting some quick cash in this sly and high-spirited comic caper.

  6. ninjasexpartyterribleparty

    Ninja Sex Party: Let’s Get This Terrible Party Started!

    Shorts / 2013 / 2 mins
    Comedy band Ninja Sex Party throws the greatest party ever known to mankind, and finds out that it kind of completely sucks.

  7. the_life

    The Life (Eps. 1 & 2)

    Shorts / 2013 / 13 mins
    What happens when three people live their lives with almost no motivation and even less intelligence? David, an actor, Jeff, a Hollywood screenwriter, and Sam, a comedian, each attempt to motivate each other in ridiculous attempts to inspire a real life.

  8. hotelsecurity

    Hotel Security

    Shorts / 2013 / 10 mins
    Hotel Security is a comedy about a five star hotel that entrusts its security to three idiots.

  9. future_hero_still__father_chasing_android

    Future Hero

    Shorts / 2013 / 7 mins
    A father and son work out their issues while battling a time-traveling killer android.

Dates & Times

Film Block One-der Woman

Downtown Independent Theater
May 16, 2014 2:30 pm
Tickets available at the box office.