Film Block #3: Friday Krypto-Night

Shorts / 90 mins


Film Block #3: Friday Krypto-Night

In This Program

  1. head_over_heels

    Head Over Heels

    Shorts / 2013 / 3 mins
    Love at first sight can be complicated. And sometimes, you can be blind-sided by destiny.

  2. inflamed_passions_picture

    Inflamed Passions

    Shorts / 2014 / 4 mins
    Deep in the Hollywood Hills, a former porn star and an over-the-hill producer clash in an epic battle. From the deranged minds of Jeff Seal and Deanna Fleysher, Inflamed Passions is a bizarre melodrama with blood, nudity and a Pilates ball.

  3. teechers_screen_shot_1

    Teechers 2

    Shorts / 2014 / 23 mins
    The inept staff of Greenville Elementary is back, and America's educational system is crappier than ever! Watch them stumble their way through the school day.

  4. crazy_misadventures_of_christ

    The Crazy Misadventures of Christ

    Shorts / 2014 / 2 mins
    Jesus gets bit by a snake.

  5. vince_and_owen_horror_movies

    Vince and Owen Horror Movies

    Shorts / 2013 / 3 mins
    This world needs way, way more Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson movies. A Fandango Original.

  6. japan


    Shorts / Canada / 2013 / 10 mins
    Marty and Nolan are unpaid interns with a troubling lack of ambition. Upon returning from a trip to Japan, their boss, Pat Dunkling, decides to start paying only one of them. The competition for the job is on.

  7. space_lawyers_screen_shot1

    Space Lawyers: Lawyers in Space

    Shorts / 2014 / 6 mins
    It's a life of adventure for the attorneys of Zoltor, Gork & Associates.

  8. 30for30spacejam

    30 for 30: Space Jam

    Shorts / 2013 / 5 mins
    ESPN's acclaimed documentary series takes a look at the most incredible game ever played: The Tune Squad vs. Monstars.


    Going to Mecca

    Shorts / UK / 2013 / 19 mins
    Two half-brothers, Pete (15) and Omar (17), decide to visit Omar's Asian biological father after the death of the dad who brought them both up. Armed with a birth certificate, a photograph and their mum's diary extracts, the boys confront him.

Dates & Times

Film Block #3: Friday Krypto-Night

Downtown Independent Theater
May 16, 2014 8:00 pm
Tickets available at the box office.