Fantastic Film Block Four

Shorts / 90 mins


Fantastic Film Block Four

In This Program

  1. Carmen

    Shorts / 2013 / 17 mins
    Trust, love and generosity. Dylan, Michael and Collin don't have any of it. What they do have is the same girlfriend... who thinks they're the same person. Carmen.

  2. #twitterkills

    Shorts / 2013 / 11 mins
    Lonely Zoe (Sunah Bilsted), whose only friends are the 6,669 imaginary ones on twitter and her self-centered sister (Sarah Paulson), uses social media to construct a perfect public persona. But creating a fake life has consequences, and she's got a lesson to learn… that no good lie goes unpunished.

  3. turleetest

    Turlee Test™

    Shorts / 2014 / 2 mins
    The Turlee Test™ is the most accurate home pregnancy test on the market. This one weird trick will give you accurate results every time.

  4. the_funeral_of_harald_kramer

    The Funeral of Harald Kramer

    Shorts / Austria / 2013 / 30 mins
    Due to a head injury, loving husband and father Harald is in a state of apparent death. Able to hear but unable to move, Harald is forced to witness his own funeral and finds out some of the strangest family secrets...

  5. you_are_cordially_invited

    You are Cordially Invited…

    Shorts / 2013 / 1 mins
    A open invitation to oral copulation.

  6. preciousplum1600x1200

    Precious Plum: A Good Sword

    Shorts / 2013 / 3 mins
    The one where Plum gets her hand chopped off.

  7. smithston_screengrab


    Shorts / Australia / 2013 / 8 mins
    An horrific schoolroom accident involving Mr Jones' son sparks a most unusual case of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Dates & Times

Fantastic Film Block Four

Downtown Independent Theater
May 17, 2014 1:00 pm
Tickets available at the box office.