Film Block Five: Films of Fury

Shorts / 90 mins


Film Block Five: Films of Fury

In This Program

  1. the_adventures_of_kim_jong_un

    The Adventures of Kim Jong Un

    Shorts / 2012 / 3 mins
    A leaked North Korean cartoon presenting the totally true triumphs of the totally not pudgy Great Leader.

  2. missingyou

    Missing You

    Shorts / 2013 / 16 mins
    A pregnant woman pretends her cat has gone missing to get her ex back into her life.

  3. ninjasexpartypartyofthree

    Ninja Sex Party: Party of Three

    Shorts / 2013 / 3 mins
    Comedy band Ninja Sex Party takes you on the ultimate date, the experience of which is somewhat marred by the presence of a sociopathic, homicidal ninja.

  4. buttfck_nowhere

    Buttf*ck Nowhere

    Shorts / Canada / 2013 / 9 mins
    How far will two friends go to get where they need to be? Dan and Stew find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, and the dilemma that faces them will be a true test of their friendship.

  5. anthony__gv_1_jpg


    Shorts / UK / 2014 / 15 mins
    Christmas Eve. An enormous explosion tears through Lapland. Santa and his elf, Anthony, have crash-landed in the middle of nowhere on their busiest night.

  6. sylmar_the_genie

    Sylmar the Genie

    Shorts / 2014 / 6 mins
    Sylmar the Genie is here to grant Owen's three fondest wishes.

  7. sitforglory4x3

    Sit for Glory

    Shorts / 2013 / 23 mins
    Sit For Glory is an upscale men’s magazine of a show. For the man who wants to live a fuller, more cultivated, and rewarding life, this collection of cultured scenes and fashionable commercials serves as a guide to drinking more seductively, conversing more expensively, guaranteeing more repeat sexual encounters, and creating an overall more robust essence.

  8. openhouse_duo1_hi_res

    Open House

    Shorts / 2014 / 3 mins
    A house-hunting couple and a real estate agent say exactly what they're thinking. Listening not required.

Dates & Times

Film Block Five: Films of Fury

Downtown Independent Theater
May 17, 2014 3:00 pm
Tickets available at the box office.