Film Block #7: Mutants, Mathers and Meatballs

Shorts / 90 mins


Film Block #7: Mutants, Mathers and Meatballs

In This Program

  1. the_year_that_wasnt

    The Year That Wasn’t

    Shorts / 2014 / 5 mins
    George and Monty reflect on their previous year's work and look toward the future. From the George & Monty web-series on Funny or Die.

  2. releaseconsent1

    Release Consent

    Shorts / 2013 / 8 mins
    Toby is forced by his therapist to re-examine his decision to stop seeing Caitlyn because of her choice of meatball sauce.

  3. scent_mem_still


    Shorts / 2014 / 12 mins
    Jason struggles with tech support in an attempt to get his brand new Smellovision mask to work.

  4. jonandjenbed (1)

    Jon and Jen are Married

    Shorts / 2013 / 5 mins
    Jon and Jen go through extreme lengths to spice up their marriage.

  5. hitchhiker_poster_web_2

    The Hitchhiker

    Shorts / 2014 / 20 mins
    Nancy Adams, "twenty-something", is driving cross-country to Hollywood to become a star... only she's not alone.

  6. catmanbegins_grab2 (1)

    Stuper Powers: Catman Begins

    Shorts / 2014 / 3 mins
    Catman wasn't always the nightmare of the criminal underworld. Once he was young and innocent. Well... partly innocent.

  7. the_one

    The One

    Shorts / 2013 / 4 mins
    One man's reflection on his chance meeting with his perfect soul-mate and the ensuing - shall we say - complications.

  8. babylon_beach

    Babylon Beach

    Shorts / 2013 / 15 mins
    When Kellie loses her best friend, she takes desperate measures to save the beach she loves. Babylon Beach is a film about teenage lifeguards, killer crabs, and the Iraq War.

  9. minimus_1


    Shorts / UK / 2013 / 6 mins
    The Colosseum, ancient Rome. Enormous gladiators eagerly await their turn to fight and die an honorable death in front of a bloodthirsty crowd. Except for MINIMUS, the weediest gladiator in history.

Dates & Times

Film Block #7: Mutants, Mathers and Meatballs

Downtown Independent Theater
May 17, 2014 8:00 pm
Tickets available at the box office.