Film Block #8: The Aven-jerks

Shorts / 90 mins


Film Block #8: The Aven-jerks

In This Program

  1. Fool’s Day

    Shorts / 2013 / 19 mins
    Fool's Day is a dark comedy about a 4th grade class that pull an innocent April Fool's prank on their teacher.

  2. banned_febreze_commercial

    Banned Febreze Commercial

    Shorts / 2013 / 4 mins
    The shocking and terrifying Febreze commercial that was never aired on television.

  3. disney_spring_break

    Disney Princess Spring Breakers Trailer

    Shorts / 2013 / 3 mins
    What happens in the Magic Kingdom, stays in the Magic Kingdom. Starring Abby Elliott, Kelen Coleman, Galadriel Stineman and Amber Stevens.

  4. alfred_skimmy

    Alfred Skimmy’s Catch of the Day

    Shorts / Australia / 2012 / 2 mins
    Alfred Skimmy shows us how to catch a fish in this absurd comedy where he proves you don’t need to leave the house to have a great outdoors adventure.

  5. A001_C001_07283E

    Future Self

    Shorts / 2013 / 17 mins
    A sharp, ambitious boy is deeply underwhelmed when he meets a carefree, bizarre looking weirdo claiming to be his future self.

  6. ed_is_a_portal

    Ed is a Portal

    Shorts / 2013 / 9 mins
    "Ed is a Portal" is a sci-fi comedy about all of life's little headaches: obnoxious coworkers, slovenly roommates, and having an inter-dimensional gateway growing in the back of your head.

  7. little_horribles

    Little Horribles (Eps. 3 & 6)

    Shorts / 2013 / 11 mins
    Little Horribles is a darkly comic web series following the poor decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian.

  8. holloway_heights_new

    Holloway Heights: Unhappy Ending

    Shorts / 2013 / 5 mins
    Despite his best efforts, Sam always finds himself in hot water with women in the rough-and-tumble world of Holloway Heights. In this episode, Sam's trip to the massage parlor won't have quite the ending he was hoping for.

Dates & Times

Film Block #8: The Aven-jerks

Downtown Independent Theater
May 18, 2014 2:00 pm
Tickets available at the box office.