L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival: April 15-18, 2010 Listed one of 2009's "Top 25 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee" by Moviemaker Magazine


Filmmakers and screenwriters speak out about their experience at LA Comedy Shorts:

Deb Hiett
  Just wanted to let you know that as a result of our winning the Audience Award for the 2009 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival, we've had great meetings with Benderspink and Atom.com, and we actually won the Atom.com Showdown (a $500 prize and a feature on Comedy Central's Atom TV show!). We made some terrific connections with people who have either seen the film at your festival, or with fellow filmmakers, and we look forward to next year's event!  
- Deb Hiett, A Bit of Counseling


quote     Annie Silverstein
  ...What an amazing job y'all did putting together the festival. I'm amazed it was only the first year. It was so well organized, informative, down to earth, fun, and supportive of its filmmakers. You all really found the balance and I wanted to share our gratitude with you, Ryan, and Gary. All the luck in the world with your own film projects and gearing up for LA Comedy Shorts 2010.  
- Annie Silverstein, Chase Me


Thom Babbes
  ...Thank you so much for an INCREDIBLE weekend of film and fun.  I am honored to have been a part of such a slate of really smart and funny short films.

X-treme Weekend
has been in six festivals and L.A. Comedy Shorts by far was the best one I have ever attended.  There is no comparison.  

Congratulations to its success... Thanks again for an awesome experience I will not soon forget. You rock!
- Thom Babbes, X-treme Weekend


quote     Bob Ray

LA Comedy Shorts Fest freakin’ rules!!!

No sh*t!  That fest was one of the most fun festivals I’ve ever been to.  F*cking ever.  I met a ton of great folk, it was organized like a well-lubed lubricating machine and I saw an ass-load of funny as hell shorts.  And parties, right?  F*ck!  I don’t remember leaving the closing night party… sorry if I broke anything or embarrassed you… I did loose my jacket, so if anyone finds a black windbreaker with Bultaco written on the back and a bunch of CrashToons DVDs and stickers in the pocket, I lay claim to it.

Aside from that, it was near flawless.  Amazingly, ridiculously fun.  And I got to hang out with Granny Squidbilly!

Thanks to Jeannie, Ryan and Gary for showing my ‘toons and congrats on hosting such an amazing fest.  I hope to be back for #2.

- Bob Ray, Crashtoons


Kate Luhr

...You guys threw one hell of a film fest! 

We had so much fun and saw so many terrific films.  We met and mingled with a ton of wonderful people, and we were also able to learn important lessons about our tolerance for free booze and its effects on us the following day.  So it was like a laugh-fest and an after-school special all in one.

Thanks again for inviting us to be part of your inaugural venture. We know that if it was this successful in its first year, it's going to be bigger than Sundance by 2012, and we're glad we can say "we knew you when..."

- Screenwriters Kate Luhr & Eric Frost-Barnes,
"The Karate Kat"


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